Portrait postcards

Tuesday, 4 February – we worked with a group of 10 children to create a series of self portrait postcards;
the children were invited to think of what home represents for them and to plan how they would be photographed to depict that. Words like fun, relaxed and cosy were part of the vocabulary. A range of dressing up clothes was at hand to help create the desired funny characters. Photographs were immediately printed as stickers and children assembled them with their texts into beautiful postcards.

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A big THANK YOU to Rebecca Davies for the backdrop drawing of the E&C shopping cart. We love it!

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Young photographer’s work

Wonderful results from our collaboration with pupils from Boutcher school.

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Stories, Objects, Conversations embedded in ceramics and glaze

Ceramic book cover, inspired by objects donated, stories told, conversations had during our residency at the Cuming museum – designed in collaboration between Sarah and Eva and produced by Eva.

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Collecting Home: A Conversation

We’re just planning our final event on Thursday 16th February, 5-7pm. Do join us!

More information on the events page.

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Conversation No 4 / Objects in Our Lives and Imagination

Part of our on-going series of conversations we are bringing together a selected group of interested artists, researchers and practitioners to discuss themes we encounter in our work and lives.

Objects in our lives and imagination was a conversation on the significance of objects in our lives.
What role do objects play in our creation and understanding of ‘home’? Are they ‘props’ for us to tell stories? Do they allow us to create continuities between past and present? Do we use them to present and define who we are, or are we and our homes to some extent controlled by them?

This conversation took place on Thursday 26th January, 6.00-8.00pm

Guy Mannes Abbott (writer), Chiara Perini (artist and researcher at the Institue of Education), Alice Sage (of V&A Childhood museum), Sam Vale (PhD researcher at LCC).

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Boutcher school visits

We are running a photo/writing project with Boutcher school who came to visit us on Tuesday. The children looked around the museum to spot and draw different objects, after which we had a chat about their cherished objects and planned how they can represent themselves by not being in the photograph but through photo-portraying an object, special to them in their home environments.

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Evelina Hospital School

We spent a lovely morning with Ryan, Mohammed, Brandon, Miroslawa and Isobel at Evelina Hospital school, who produced a beautiful weaving of writings that is currently exhibited at the Cuming museum.

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