Get Involved

What object from your life would you put into a museum, and why? Please leave your answer here (comments will be moderated before appearing on the site).

We’d also love to hear from groups and individuals interested in getting involved in Collecting Home.

If you want to get in touch you can either leave a comment on the blog, or email us: collectinghome [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk


One Response to Get Involved

  1. juliabird says:

    I’ve got a biscuit-sized silver locket that belonged to my grandma, although it’s not actually silver, it’s made of britannium. I don’t remember her wearing it, but we found it in her things after she died, when I was 14. On the back of it is a little shield for a monogram. Her initials are scratched in very faintly, and under them, in smaller, fainter letters is another pair of initials belonging to someone we don’t know. It’s certainly not grandpa. It’s big enough to keep photos, notes, toys or sweets inside, and at the moment it contains a glow in the dark star sticker that my nephew gave me. It’s its own museum.

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