Come and Visit us in the Shopping Centre

We’re collecting stories in Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre today (Tuesday 6th, 11am-2.30pm) and tomorrow (Wednesday 7th, 12.30-5). We’re outside Superdrug on the ground floor – come and say hello if you’re passing by.

We are creating a collective story map and exploring the relationship between the storytelling and walking.

“…stories we can walk into to inhabit bodily, stories we trace with our feet as well as our eyes.
There is a resemblance {…} between every path and every story.
Part of what makes roads, trails, and paths so unique as built structures is
that they cannot be perceived as a whole all at once by a sedentary onlooker.
They unfold in time as one travels along them, just as a story does as one listens
or reads, and a hairpin turn is like a plot twist, a steep ascent a building of suspense to
the view at the summit, a fork in the road as introduction of a new storyline,
arrival the end of the story. Just as writing allows one to read the words of someone
who is absent, so roads make it possible to trace the route of the absent.
Roads are a record of those who have gone before, and to follow them is to
follow people who are no longer there – not saints and gods anymore, but shepherds,
hunters, engineers, emigrants, peasants to market, or just commuters.”
(Wanderlust by Rebecca Solnit)

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