Where we keep things

We had a great conversation with Anthony this week, who described a space in his house where he keeps meaningful things:

The pearl and the shield-shaped amulet I hang on the mirror, and the elephant I keep hung up on my wall, quite near a sort of place, you might think of it as a shrine. I’ve got a lovely little Buddha that my neighbours brought me back from Sri Lanka. I’ve got a little Tara. I’ve got a postcard of the Himalayas that someone sent me. I’ve got a postcard of Leonardo’s last supper that my cousin, who also painted, sent me. I’ve got a picture of my cat that I used to have. I’ve got two bookmarks from Hindu books, from an exhibition I went to. So several things on several shelves. They all have a history, and they’re all important. There’s a picture of my dad quite near, and a cat an ex-girlfriend gave me – a little facsimile from the British Museum. There’s a little bookshelf half way up and there there’s a little facsimile of Constable’s sketches, and a wonderful mix of Observer books.

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