Fur Coat

This is my mother’s coat. It had an enormous, thick, beautiful stole that went with it. I loved it when I was a child. I loved stroking it. It was a full length coat to begin with, but then she had it made shorter. I used to like wearing it, with boots; but then it was an absolute killer to be wearing a fur coat. I think she was inclined to wear it for special occasions. I remember it long, and then I remember her wearing it on ordinary occasions in the short version.
She was an extraordinary lady. She was very tough. In India I remember when they were cutting grass. It was just before the Monsoons came. And somebody suddenly screamed. My mother rushed out, with a penknife, cut out the snake bite and just got on with it. That was what she was like in her life. She was a real toughie.

Thank you to Barbara for her fabulous story

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